Reading Response 1 Revision


Since initially submitting my work, I have made several changes to make sure the analysis and connection between Kenneth Haltman’s Introduction and my supplemental texts not only shared key points in my annotations, but that I had highlighted thematic similarities and made sure to contrast the differences. I started by adding the summary of my supplemental text, which honestly should have been part of my initial 10 annotations. I addressed the differences in audiences at the end of this new annotation though to set up the rest of my annotations and provide more of a context for them. After creating this annotation and giving myself a starting point, I continued through my next 10 annotations to ensure there were thematic similarities.

I felt that my next annotation could be strengthened by addressing the fact that Maguire used Orwell’s quote to expand on Fowler’s ideas and therefore his own. Initially, I compared two quotes to each other but did not put Orwell’s quote in context. I addressed the use of Orwell’s quote in my summary annotation, so I am also pulling those two together.

Now that my second annotation has been edited, my third can be used to strengthen the logic of it. I am not editing my third annotation directly, but I feel as though it is serving a better purpose just by changing the proceeding argument.

Eventually, I no longer use Maguire’s article as my supplemental reading and instead have used Cline’s “What is a Machete, Anyways?” for the last annotations. Instead of using the same focus on intentional language in analysis, in these annotations I turn my focus to the purpose of the object being analyzed, and the way the maker impacts this. I had an annotation that discussed little more than our experience at the AIDS quilt, but I don’t feel as though I made any sort of pivotal claim. To fix this, I put it in context of the panels in comparison to the machete and analysis of both, which I also feels like strengthened the annotations that regard Cline’s article.

When I originally submitted this, I feel as though I had 10 completely independent annotations that did not provide continuity anywhere. Now that I have revised (after asking plenty of questions in class) I feel that my understanding of the assignment increased which allowed me to make genuine progress in revision. I did not expect summarizing to really help connect my ideas, but now as I look over my annotations I feel that everything is connected and finally expands on the analysis that was happening in my head but I did not necessarily document well.

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