Hypothesis Help

I replied to someone else’s annotation, and really would like for it to contribute to my own annotations. I tagged it with my personal tag and the class tag, but when I follow the tag there is nothing there. Can replies not count towards our annotations? I was under the impression that starting a conversation,… Read More Hypothesis Help


Rhinegold Notes 9/28/17

As we’re reading Rheingold, we must acknowledge that the article was written 10 years ago, which means that some of the essay has not necessarily aged well. Additionally, he is older and an academic, which are two things that could bias his argument against the internet and media. He does acknowledge the good in this… Read More Rhinegold Notes 9/28/17


Haltman Notes 9/14/17

Instead of looking at Haltman’s essay as discussion of material culture, we are looking at it now as a breakdown of the academic research process. We are looking at the AIDS quilt as direct evidence of how people, families, cultures, etc. have been affected in the US By describing the AIDS quilt on a material… Read More Haltman Notes 9/14/17