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Conclusion While understanding that there is an inequality between men and women in contracting HIV and treating it is foundational, it is arguably more important to not only consider the implications of this discovery but also use this knowledge to better understand and improve the attitudes of affected women. There is an overwhelming lack of… Read More Conclusion


Potential Solutions

Potential Solutions Reformed Sex Education In Emily Gardner’s “Abstinence-Only Sex Education: College Students’ Evaluations and Responses” study, college students from Emory University and Georgia State University were interviewed. These students frequently reported that they were not informed about birth control or STD prevention. In general, most of the students reported that they never felt like abstinence was… Read More Potential Solutions


Problems Women Face

Problems Women Face Power Imbalance in Sex The social expectations and norms for women in the context of sex lead to a heightened vulnerability for women contracting HIV. In Türmen’s study published in the International Journal of Gynecology & Obstetrics, the relationship between gender and HIV is discussed in detail. The study starts by defining the difference between gender… Read More Problems Women Face



In high school some of my teachers were very strict about MLA formatting, and while my internal citations may not always be entirely correct in terms of formatting, I feel that I am good at knowing where to put a citation and avoiding plagiarism of even small phrases because I was taught to organize the… Read More 11/28/2017


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